Scream – Season 1 (review)

Scream (also known as Scream: The TV Series) is an horror television series that premiered on MTV on June 30, 2015 based on the slasher film franchise of the same name.

As a huge fan of Scream (the movie franchise… as most of you know, my mtlscream came from my love of the franchise), when I heard the news about the TV show, I had some fears. How can they do this or that???
Even at the end of the 1st episode of the season, Lakewood resident slasher movie expert Noah made the following point: “You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series. Think about it. Girl and her friend arrive at the dance, the camp, deserted town, whatever. Killer takes them out one-by-one. Ninety minutes later, the sun comes up and survivor girl sits in the ambulance watching her friends’ bodies being wheeled past. Slasher movies burn bright and fast—TV needs to stretch things out.”

Here’s the first trailer.

After watching the first episode, it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t great, but it did turn out better than you’d think. The show got even better after the first 4 episodes.

Welcome to Lakewood, a small town enduring the legacy of the Brandon James murders even after twenty years…and they’re about to start again. After the body of high school student Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne) is discovered at her home and her boyfriend Tyler O’Neil (Max Lloyd-Jones) goes missing, local students begin speculating who could have done such a thing while others contend it was well-earned. But as the body count starts to rise, Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald) is contacted by the killer and told it would all end with her, and she’ll never see it coming.

Here’s the mid-season trailer….

Following the invention and re-invention of the slasher genre by late director Wes Craven, the Scream movie series focus on the self-aware horror genre, story worlds where everyone had seen too many movies about sociopathic serial killers and sometimes became them. Almost twenty years later their successful “Teen Wolf” re-imagining, MTV launched “Scream” the television series, a ten-episode who-done-it/who’s-gonna-get-it show. While missteps in casting and lower production values dragged the show down a little bit per moment with some mid-season pacing, the slayings were aptly horrific and creative as far as made-for-televison bloodfests go, and a few cast standouts made the show worth the watch.

Bex Taylor-Klaus playing bi-curious Audrey was easily the best actor on the show, followed closely by John Karna as film geek Noah Foster. The pair quickly established themselves as the Frodo and Sam of the show. Two actors that improved throughout the season were Willa Fitzgerald as high-value target Emma Duval and Carlson Young as next-in-line hottie queen-bitch Brooke Maddox.

How’s the story and the twist ? Without giving spoilers, season one doesn’t deliver the same kind of one-two punch one would have hoped for like the first movie… But, to be honest, the plot and the denouement end up way much better than three of the four seasons of “American Horror Story”. I really enjoyed how the show integrated social media and modern mobile computing into the story. For sure at the end, you can always argue with the fact about whether or not the unmasked killer could have actually committed all the murders with not much more than a Scooby-Doo explanation. But my feeling is, since the show was renewed for a 2nd season (2016), I think they didn’t want to give away all the secrets and leave some room for future seasons.

Very nice note from MTV, the first season finale paid tribute to the film series’ director Wes Craven who passed away on August 30, 2015.


  • Amazing rollercoaster ride especially during episode 7-8-9-10
  • Very much in line with the Scream franchise material with blend of humour / horror/ gore
  • Some deaths scenes are very well done (especially for TV)
  • Nice use of the technology to upgrade the franchise
  • Many hommages to the original material (Plenty of them through the season)


  • Some pacing problems (Especially mid-season – episode 4-5-6)
  • Some of the acting is just bad…. very bad…


Rating: 7.75 / 10 (If episode 4-5-6 were a little better, I would have rate Scream Season 1 easily 8-8.5)