My trip across Canada… with Via Rail!

I just got back from an incredible trip across Canada. Not a normal trip where you fly from home (Montreal) to your destination – West (Vancouver), but a trip by train… perfect to see how incredible the country is.

Started the journey in Montreal and took the train to Toronto. After that, on the cool Train 1 from Via Rail (aka The Canadian), the train left Toronto around 10pm and was heading West.

Here’s the map of the trip:

For 3 days…. all about food and scenery 🙂 Perfect to relax and enjoy how amazing the country is… One important note, there’s no Wifi on the train and because the country is such a big beautiful empty land, there’s not much 3G/LTE network during the trip! Perfect to disconnect and enjoy the scenery!!! All about relaxing!

Here’s the link to see many pictures taken during my trip: Train Trip Photo Album


Also I did create a few videos shot in full 4K (with my iPhone 6s plus) and edited on it (while I was flying back home). Make sure you watch them on a computer (and select 4K, in the setting):
Video about Jasper National Park:

Quick video about what you can see while doing the train ride: