Rainbow Six: Siege – How to fight terrorist ! (Game review)

Somewhat unbelievably it’s been seven years since the last Rainbow Six game, in part thanks to the still unexplained cancellation of game Rainbow 6: Patriots. How exactly that was pitched in terms of gameplay was never very clear, but certainly by the time of the two Vegas games the series had already moved a long way from the strategy-based origins of the series. Siege is by no means a full return to Rainbow Six’s roots ( obvious influence from multiplayer classic Counter-Strike) but it certainly isn’t trying to be Call Of Duty anymore.

For sure, if you expect to play R6 like you play Call of Duty or Halo, this game is not for you. Communication amongst players is vital. Rather than the spray-and-pray madness of COD, you can’t quite go in all all-guns blazing as there is still no respawning and no health regeneration – without armour you can probably afford to take three or four bullets before death – but you can certainly afford to run and gun much more than you would have done in versions past. It’s still remains the most realistic shooter on the market.


The five-on-five game modes take more strategy and teamwork to achieve success than rival games. It’s handy to work out who in your squad will carry what – someone should take medical supplies, maybe a shield is necessary if you are the attacking team. Do you sit and defend your space or set traps for unwitting enemies? Is attack really the best form of defence?

These are all things you are forced to think about and it’s very addictive when playing with friends or a like-minded group. It’ll keep you coming back for more, even if the the 10 maps are a pretty standard mix of military facilities and terrorist hideouts.

Everything is destructible, meaning you can’t just camp behind a wall for fear of someone shooting.

While purely online games like this often lack for content in their early days, Ubisoft is getting better and better at supporting its titles post-launch and it’s taking the right approach for all the future DLC here. A lot of free maps, paid cosmetics, and extra operatives for cash or a big bundle or Renown. It’s reassuring that R6:S has a future planned but let’s hope players get more than the same objectives in shiny new packaging.


  • Fresh and satisfying siege gameplay
  • The action is perfect and very well-balence between exploration and action
  • Clever mix of Operatives and their abilities
  • Truly encourages cooperation (Communication is the key


  • Graphics are not as good with other FPS released earlier this year
  • No offline mode or campaign


  • 8,5 / 10

Updated info (2018): After 2 years, this game is still one of the most popular ones…. and offering a lot of free or paid updates…. Not to be missed!