West coast vibe with Weezer’s White Album (Review)

Weezer’s self-titled “White Album” is finally out (April 1), and the band has been doing its best to stir up a frenzy with a succession of amazing “feel good” West coast vibe music videos. This is perfect for my upcoming West Coast (Vancouver and Los Angeles) trip in April.

Weezer’s White Album is a perfect 34-minute free run of sunny surf pop with the euphoria of boho beach unity (‘California Kids’, ‘Summer Elaine And Drunk Dori’); summer lovin’ (‘Wind In Our Sail’ and the amazing ‘Endless Bummer’; tambourine tapping ‘[Girl We Got A] Good Thing’); and unrequited love for bakery assistants (‘Thank God For Girls’).

This album is all about summer… 🙂 Yeah!


Of course this isn’t The Blue Album or Pinkerton. But this is quite a logic follow-up…

It would be easy for me to tell you this is Weezer’s most impressive “Feel good-vibe” record since the Green Album, but given the last decade of their discography, I couldn’t blame you for not believing me because “Everything Will be Alright in the End” was not that bad at all either. So instead, I’ll just say this: The White Album is, hands down, the best Weezer album since…well, since it became so hard to agree on what the last great Weezer album was.

If you’re looking for more Weezer-amazing pop/rock/emo hit, Cuomo has noted that he’s already working on the band’s very own “Black Album.”

Rating: 8.5 / 10
Essential Tracks: “California Kids”, “L.A. Girlz”, “Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori” and “Endless Bummer”

Here’s all the videos:
The “California Kids” video starts with a nod to Weezer’s recent “Thank God For Girls” lyric video, with Cuomo stuffing his face with cannoli served by a stunning waitress in front of a photo of Jesus (naturally). Then heads down to the beach with a quick nod the “King of the World”, 2nd music video of the upcoming album… After, a quick nod to the the even-more-recent “L.A. Girlz” video, and Rivers buries himself in the sand. The “Damn, Daniel” duo is there at the end to bring him back down to earth and compliment him on his Ray-Bans. 🙂

Weezer – California Kids

Weezer – L.A. Girlz

Weezer – King Of The World

Weezer – Thank God for Girls (Lyric Video)

Weezer – Thank God For Girls (Official Video)