Roxette – "Good Karma" – Album review

So how’s Roxette Karma ? Good ? Nope… it’s Amazing!

“Good Karma” is the bands 10th studio album and celebrates also 30 years from the release of their debut album, “Pearls of Passion”. Another reason for celebrating the arrival of “Good Karma” is simply the fact that the album showcases a band whose output remains as strong as cohesive and as relevant as any one of their previous records. Per Gessle said of the album: “For the new record, we wanted to combine our classic Roxette sound with a modern and slightly unpredictable production to create a soundscape where you would both recognise our sound and find something new.” Good Karma is a truly exceptional collection from Roxette. It’s their best work since…. “Joyride”!

“It Just Happens”, first single of the album along with its sentimental video, is the perfect Roxette power-pop, love-letter full of hope, excitement. Gessle’s slightly computerized verse vocal against Fredriksson’s powerful chorus’ act as a reminder of why Roxette have remained as successful as they have and remained a mainstay in pop music for 30 years. This is the perfect Throwback song with actual sound…

Roxette – It Just Happens

Rumoured as the 2nd single from “Good Karma”, “Some Other Summer” was initially released by French DJ Sebastien Drums but Roxette have decided to include the track on the new record. The original single from Drums didn’t get a whole lot of attention so hopefully the release the song in an appropriate mix as the second single from the record will give “Some Other Summer” the attention it deserved the first time around. Soaked in a cool summer – Kinda Ace of Base vibe and a beat that just makes you want to lay on a beach with a drink, “Some Other Summer” is the perfect follow up to “It Just Happens” and a track that will be a popular radio hit in Europe. Sadly Roxette doesn’t get more attention in US or Canada.

Roxette – Some Other Summer

“20 BPM” is one of my Fav!. The grinding synth backbone of this track reverberates around Gessle’s precise, though overly computerized, vocal. The track is all about having fun and enjoying the cheeky and quirky side of Roxette. It’s the “Make My Head Go Pop” (from 2001′s Room Service) of Good Karma – pure, fun from start to end.

Roxette have mastered the art of closing an album, and here the sublime “April Clouds” sits alongside the likes of “Listen To Your Heart“, “Perfect Day” and “Beautiful Things“. Piano and strings effortlessly glide forth as Marie sings “Stay forever, stay a while” before an acoustic guitar delicately references Marie’s folk beginnings and it all opens out to a widescreen cinematic lighters-aloft chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place on a movie soundtrack for that final scene as the two leads walk away into the distance. “It’s been a good time, the best there ever was for me”, Marie sings. It is a suitably elegant end to proceedings and draws to a close with Marie singing “I wish you the best” in a way that stirs an eerie sense of ending which feels as though it goes beyond the album you have just been listening to. Hearing this just after canceling the tour makes me feel like this is Marie’s goodbye song.

The tour was cancelled as Marie was advised by doctors to refrain for touring due to her health. Marie has since sent a thank you to fans for their kind wishes and that she “simply isn’t strong enough” for the touring life but looks forward to releasing the new album”. However sad that might be the last Rosette album but “April Clouds” is a beautiful goodbye.

Good Karma is yet another stellar effort from the adored Swedish pop duo that contains some of their finest work of their later career. It’s definitely their best work since “Joyride”.

Rating: 90 / 100