Scream Season 2 – A darker season in full hommage to the franchise (Review)

Scream season 2, finale just  aired on MTV (for US) earlier this week and the full season is available already on Netflix in Canada.

What did I think of Season 2?

An iconic first kill is a template of the Scream franchise, and the television show is no exception. Last year on season 1, we started with Bella Thorne portraying bad girl Nina Patterson and this year, Lele Pons is filling those bloody shoes. She doesn’t quite have the magnetic charisma of Thorne, but the opening sequence rushes past this to reveal that the so-called celebrity death was all smoke and mirrors. The opening scene was fantastic. It was very reminiscent of Scream 2, and it’s pretty darn evident that this time round the powers that be will be staying more true to the movies.

Having the first murder of the season be fake sets the tone for the rest of the episode and the rest of the season. The marketing campaign this year has been to “trust nothing,” and that’s exactly what you have to do all season long. Nothing is as it seems until the camera is pulled back and the truth is revealed, in the finale episode. Season 2 was much darker and closer to the Scream Franchise material… Thanks to the new show runners for season 2.

The “Scream 2” anchor is important in maintaining the show’s DNA, but the new influences can shake up the reveal of the new killer. Since the show sticks to its Scream film heritage, fans already know to expect a relative of Season 1’s killer Piper to continue her revenge rampage. Sorry, I won’t spoil the killer identity here… Go watch it and have fun 🙂

But the new influences widen the possibilities. Will Emma’s dreams allude to a more supernatural type killer like Freddie Krueger? (So many references to “A Nightmare on Elm Street”) Or will they take the “Saw” route and make the new slasher someone we thought was already dead? We can’t automatically assume the series will follow the mothership’s format, which makes it more unpredictable.

“When a Stranger Calls” season 2-finale is not a perfect episode of television. But it is Scream at its best so far. The initial reveal of the killer may be disappointing at first, and that is understandable.  If anything, this episode shows such promise for where the writers could take Season 3 (if we get one) with the return of  possibly Brandon James.

In the meantime, Scream 2h-Halloween Special will be available in October while season 1&2 are available on Netflix.

As a fan of Scream (The movies), Season 2 was a well-done tribute to the series…. Bring on Season 3! #RenewMTVScream


  • Amazing rollercoaster ride especially during episode 7-8-9-10
  • Even more in line with the Scream franchise material with blend of humour / horror/ gore. So many hommages to the original material series (Plenty of them through the season – and during the finale episode)
  • Some deaths scenes are very well done (especially for TV) with more gore
  • The acting is much better than season 1. We care for many of the characters…
  • Nice way to tied every episode title / mood / theme  with an horror movie like: I know what you did last summer, The Vanishing, When  A Stranger Calls, Dawn of the Dead,…


  • Still some pacing problems
  • Many plot holes who didn’t make sense.
  • The killer reveal might have been weak for some of us… but still true to the Scream universe.

Rating: 8,5 / 10