It’s time to hack San Francisco! My Watch Dogs 2 review

Almost 10 years ago, Ubisoft released a game that was supposed to change the console generation. It looked amazing, had sky-high production values and was packed with strong new ideas. Sadly, when the game was released, Assassin’s Creed wasn’t all that we had hoped for. It had a unengaging hero, a repetitive missions, flaws in the combat and controls. BUT Two years later, Ubisoft released a sequel that fixed nearly all these issues and gave us a hero, Enzio, and a story we could care about. Assassin’s Creed 2 was the redemption of Assassin’s Creed.

After the release of WatchDogs, can Ubisoft repeat the same magic with Watch Dogs 2? Remember a few years ago, when Ubisoft announced another game that seemed set to redefine a console generation. It looked astonishing, had sky-high production values and was packed with many new ideas, but when released, Watch Dog wasn’t all that we had hoped for again. It had a unengaging hero, a repetitive missions, flaws in the combat and controls….

So with Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft had another chance…. with Watch Dogs 2. It may not be a triumph of the scale of Assassin’s Creed 2 but WD2 is a much more vibrant, entertaining and enjoyable game than the original Watch Dogs.  Just as Assassin’s Creed found its identity with Ezio Auditore di Firenze, Watch Dogs has found the same with Marcus Holloway and his hacking crew.

WatchDogs 2 sees the resurrection of Central Operating System, the singular OS that controls all of San Francisco’s infrastructure, smart-tech devices. The operating system was created by Blume Technologies that has become the Little Brother to the Big Brother. Data is being collected and misused for all types of ill-gains, and that’s when a group of hackers step in to do something about the situation.

The game opens with the new protagonist Marcus Holloway breaking in to a Blume Server farm at the behest of DedSec, an elite hacking group. He’s been asked to break in and delete his digital profile. The process makes the group realize just how much data is being collected by Blume and the group sets out to expose the corporate’s ill deeds.

The group comprises of four other hackers and it becomes clear rather quickly that Marcus is the unofficial leader and face of the group. While each of the characters have a trait that defines who they are, Marcus’s happens to be the fact that he isn’t just some coding nerd. The guy can hack for sure, but he is also adept with weapons.

And how’s the game?

The balance of the gameplay has completely shifted compare to the original. At times, Watch Dogs felt too combat-oriented or car driven, almost encouraging you to go loud if you were struggling to stay quiet. In Watch Dogs 2 violence feels much more of a last resort, though frustration with the stealth can still push you into a gunfight from time to time. Driving, meanwhile, is more about optional racing than about the original’s frustrating set-piece chase sequences, where merciless police forces ground you down. Even the sneaking around is generally more flexible, giving you the tools you need – like RC Jumper and an aerial drone – to try a range of options and find out what works. Finally!!! Merci Ubisoft for listening!

WatchDogs 2 is the game the series should have started with. It is a witty, fresh, and punk-rock reimagining of the movie Hackers.  The hacking sequences look silly, which adds to the character of the game.  The game’s mechanics and controls take a little getting used to, which does tend to take a while. The other thing that takes a long while is raking up enough money to purchase practically anything in the game, which is kind of weird given that you never really have a need for high powered rifles or custom pain-jobs on your taser. The only essential item you would need to purchase is the drone, so better start robbing the cops (and maybe even the people passing you by).


  • Amazing visual style
  • Great crew and characters… They are fun and alive!
  • Finally a hacking game with some hacking missions… and not just a GTA spin-off
  • Seamless multiplayer modes… but.


  • … the co-op missions are pretty basics and not as long. Would be nice to have the full game in co-op (like The Division,…).
  • Some missions can be a little repetitive  (like the Painting ones).

Rating: 9/ 10

Watch Dogs 2 is a must…. You like open-world game with a mix of action and hide and seek… it’s for you! The action is solid and the mission design much less generic than previous games, while Ubisoft Montreal has given you a great set of tools and the freedom to use them as you will. Just enjoy SF!