Slasher Season 2 (TV Series Review)

Presented and available on Netflix, Slasher is a season-long anthology, created by Aaron Martin, with a mysterious storyline that will usually be resolved in the season finale or the conclusion of the series overall. It is a similar style of the American Horror Story series where the seasons will not be subsequent. In that same retrospect, similar actors and actresses will play different roles in different seasons of the show. Slasher purposely leaves the characters intentions and lives ambitious for many reasons.

Slasher: Season 2 “Guilty Party”

Slasher has 8-episodes as the last season did that centers around a horrific murderer and secret. On a beautiful summer night, a group of teen camp counselors did something terrible — and they hoped that if they buried the evidence and never talked about it again, maybe it would be like it never happened at all. But years later, when a planned mountain resort threatens to uncover what they did, the old friends are forced to gather at a mysterious mountain house to come up with a new plan. Unfortunately, someone else has plans for them — and as the body count mounts.

Chilling, graphically violent, and scary, this season of Slasher takes all the familiar setup (like a group of friends with a guilty secret…. Hello “I Know What You Did Last Summer”) and makes it fresh with brisk plotting and very deep characterizations. One incredible element is how seriously Slasher 2’s characters have been impacted by the horrific secret they tried to bury.

Equally innovative: setting the action at a strange community, where the members also have secrets and hidden motivations.

It’s made to look like a horror movie, and the violence pushes cable TV limits: characters are cut in half with a chainsaw; staked to the ground and stabbed through the neck, screaming; bludgeoned to death as they beg, terrified, for their lives.

Fantastic season! It’s a dream come true for all horror fan! God damn. It was even better than Season 1, which I was big time digging right from the get go. Honestly this season had even better writing. Not to mention the twists were even bigger, wilder. And the gore went up a big notch, from an already grim first season.

Truly hope Netflix will do another season. At least one more. C’mon! Please?!


  • Gory and perfect for all horror fans
  • Amazing actings
  • Great writing with some deep characters development and plot twist.


  • Slow pace in the firsts episodes…. but once it starts, it’s insane.

Rating: 9 / 10

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