Back by popular demand… more videos from my band final jam…

Back by popular demand… Here are more videos from my band final jam, recorded last May. Of course, many are asking me if I missed playing music and miss the band… The answer is yes for sure! And who knows what’s going to happen in future…

But until then… enjoy 3 new videos from our final jam session recorded in May 2017.

Bear Crusader – Fell For You

Bear Crusader – Headfirst Slide Into Copperstown On a Bad Bet

Bear Crusader – Smile


Systems & Technology Trainer (Actually for Cossette / Vision 7 but with past experiences at Apple).
Total geek ! Need to have new tech and gears!!!
Also a musician, total movie buff… it’s all about movies, technologies and love to travel.
Hope my blog will show all my passions.

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